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Crypto trading is one of "THE HOTTEST" property and is center of focus of all the financial experts right now. It is reshaping the market and is considered one of the reliable opportunity on internet today. But you need some expert backing you up to ensure you achieve what you desire financially in long run. Our team of highly experienced financial experts who are following crypto market from it's inception very closely are here to ensure it. Our Crypto Trading experts have done great amount of research in this respected field and with their experience anyone can take part in this opportunity knowing someone is there to take care of everything. We take a percent of revenue we generate and put it on crypto trading with our experts making all the decisions. With every purchase on TBA network members also receive ads credit and an entry to revenue share pool generated via ad pack sales on our network.

Crypto Trading

Advertising Network

What do we offer?


Every Business needs exposure to succeed with TBA we will provide you a platform to put your business in front of thousands of members

Mining Reward

At TheBitAds we share our mining rewards with all our valuable members, our members does not require to understand the complexity of hashing.

Affiliate Commission

With three levels deep affiliate commission this sure make TBA a hot mining opportunity 1st Level: 7% 2nd Level: 2% 3d Level: 1%

Advertisment Credits

With every mining contract our valuable members will get Advertisement credits. These credits can be used to buy ad spaces in The Bit Ads

150% cashback

from TheBitAds
revenue share network

buy shares

Upto 3% daily cap

Hourly Mining Rewards

Upto 10% Affiliate

multiple level affiliate commission

1st Level: 7%

2nd Level: 2%

3d Level: 1%

our advertising products


website ads





why should you advertise with us?

Quality traffic

We drive quality targetted traffic to your Business and provide the exposure you are looking for

targeted audience

The success of an advertisement campaign depends on reaching out to the target audience

global spread

Crypto Currencies has taken the world by storm and it is time that you should jump in and make fortune

experienced team

Our team of experts include Advertisement Guru, Mining Experts, and Crypto Currency enthusiast with over 30 years of total team experience

Professional support

You can reach out to The Bit Ads team with your queries and suggestions and we would surely like to answer you in best way possible

multiple services

This is not all our members get way more than what we have listed here please join in and meet us in backoffice


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